So I Won An Island...!

Hi, I’m British adventurer, writer, filmmaker & presenter Graham Hughes.

In 2013, after successfully completing my journey to every country in the world without flying, I took part in a Samsung-sponsored survival show called SOS Island.

To cut a long story short, I won!

The prize was my very own tropical island. Which I named…


Wait, WHAT?!

I know what you’re thinking: how on Earth does somebody “win” an island?

Well, it went down a little something like this:


I lived on Jinja Island for the following three years, off-grid yet on-line.

I invited hundreds of fellow backpackers, wayfarers and couchsurfers to come visit and blogged about my experiences along the way.

It was a steep learning curve, but very soon I found myself feeling very much at home in my tropical paradise by the sea.


I returned to the UK at the end of April 2017, vowing one day to return and finish what I started.

I plan to go back to Jinja Island this September (Covid permitting) for the first time in two and a half years. I have no idea what to expect upon my return, but I’ll be taking my mate Tattoo Tim with me and we’ll have just six weeks to put things right, as guided by our YouTube, Patreon and Discord community.

Every day at 4.30pm local time (10.30pm UK time) we’ll be doing a live broadcast of our trials and tribulations  off-grid and online on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and Facebook. It’ll be a wild ride!

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