SOS Island Boot Camp Day 1: SHELTER

Monday 30th September 2013Day One started a bit like this: this happened: then we went LIVE TO THE WORLD!! Sadly, the official Boot Camp videos are no longer available on…

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SOS Island | Introductions

Sunday was spent getting to know the other contestants - Murad from Jordan, Veronica from Italy, Rosa from Texas, Brittany from LA, Robin from Sweden, Chris from LA, Kalyn from Canada, Liron from Israel, Tom from Perth, Alex from Moscow, Tan from Sydney, Natalie from Brighton, Jo from South Africa, Karen from Boston and the aforementioned Mert from Istanbul.

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SOS Island | Help make me a winner!!!

Saturday 28th September 2013So that’s New York out of the way, time to get ready for the next thing: SAMSUNG’S SOS ISLAND!! So here’s the deal: 16 contestants are flown…

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I Was On CBS This Morning This Morning

With consummate (freakish?) professionalism, I awoke 30 seconds before my alarm went off at 6.30am. After a quick shower and change of clothes, I made my blood sacrifices to Bacchus, jumped in the waiting limo and sped off towards the CBS Broadcast Centre. I was met at the door and taken up to the newsfloor. Now this is more like it! A nice big studio for me to run about. The warehouse-y interiors looked a bit like my old office in Liverpool. I was a bit disappointed to discover that the brickwork wasn’t real, but this is television, folks! IT’S ALL MADE OF MAGIC.

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Hell’s Noodles

Monday 23rd September 2013 - Part 2RANT ALERT!! Today involved a LOT of scooting around on the New York Subway system. When I was here back in the summer of…

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The High Life

I walked through Greenwich Village, imbibing the sights and sounds and all the crap that travel memoirists are supposed to bang on about. New York is pretty much the place it is in all the movies and needs little in the way of introduction. Everyone you meet is from another corner of the world, which is fun for me – I can say I’ve been to that particular corner and it was great! Although one day I’ll meet somebody from Greenland or Pitcairn Island and the wheels will come off that particular parade.

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New York, New York

Arriving at JFK around 8pm local time, I was greeted at the airport, for the first time in my life, by a guy holding a sign with my name on it. Well, almost – he’d missed the second ‘h’ in Hughes. But it’s the thought that counts. Yes indeedy, your humble narrator here got Lincoln'd all the way to Manhattan, courtesy of CBS.

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The Big Smoke

Yesterday was a long day and didn’t end until around 2am. Today started at 5am as I was booked on the 6am Megabus down to London… I have a plane to catch!!!

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The Lone and Level Sands

I also received some terrible news from my friend Kendra in Egypt. A few days ago she posted a news article on her Facebook feed about a Frenchman who had been arrested in Cairo for breaking curfew. He was beaten to death in the jail cell by his fellow inmates. We worked out today that the victim was Eric, the crazy Frenchman we went out drinking with back in January 2010.

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