Marcus Kett

“The best thing about visiting the President is the food”

Well, who am I, I hear you ask. Okay, since you ask I’m ‘Marcus’ aka All Shorts and I could be considered a bit Marmite! Or at least that is what I have been told. After a bit of crying into a beer I have learned to accept it. So here I am about to go on a journey of discovery with this “Graham Hughes” character.

But what am I about? Well, I consider myself as a bit of a ‘make do and mend’ sort of guy or at least the missus has had to! Someone who does what he can not to damage our planet and gets a buzz from making something from nothing. I suppose I can lend a hand to most stuff.

Education wise: I had a shady start during my schooling and quite frankly I was left to my own devices because I was a maker my future was already mapped out. When others were learning verbs, I analysed an egg box and imagined what it could become.

But since leaving School I went to college and passed my city and guilds in carpentry, then trained as an electrician to seventeenth edition and I got the learning bug so carried on learning to gain my NVQ3 Bricklaying and in 2002 I passed with distinction in Photography.

Using my skills taught and learned, I have worked in construction and boat building. You could say I am from a line of artisans but my love is wood for it is tactile.

I am married with 6 kids all grown up and now they’ve flown the coop… with such responsibility my concerns were to feed and water the young, not leaving any time or disposable income to travel or holiday abroad. We were in our bubble!

But now things are different: we sold up and left the UK in 2009 for France. Renovating an old French Farmhouse…Living the good life but now just Dogs, Cats and the missus!

Most of our life we had no political awareness but then Brexit was thrust upon us. Opening our eyes to the madness that drives tribal politics. I dabbled on YouTube with my channel and quickly it grew… apparently people listen to me… Go Figure!