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Where next for the man who has been everywhere...?

On the first of January 2009, I crossed the River Plate from Argentina to Uruguay. Thus began The Odyssey Expedition my incredible, hilarious and occasionally terrifying four year journey to every country in the world without flying, as accredited by Guinness World Records™.

You can read all about The Odyssey Expedition by tapping on the link below.

I officially finished the journey at the end of January 2013 and by the summer of that year I was already ready for my next adventure, and so I signed up to be a contestant on SOS Island: a Samsung-sponsored survival show hosted by Les Stroud.

And guess what? I won.

The prize was $100,000 towards an island adventure of my choice. Thus began The Road To Jinja Island.

But before becoming the lord and master of my very own taste of paradise, my girlfriend and I ran around Belize, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras on what we called The Ruta Maya.

We then travelled south to Bocas Del Toro, Panama where I embarked on an three-year long adventure living off-grid on the tropical island I named Jinja Island.

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The High Life

I walked through Greenwich Village, imbibing the sights and sounds and all the crap that travel memoirists are supposed to bang on about. New York is pretty much the place it is in all the movies and needs little in the way of introduction. Everyone you meet is from another corner of the world, which is fun for me – I can say I’ve been to that particular corner and it was great!

Although one day I’ll meet somebody from Greenland or Pitcairn Island and the wheels will come off that particular parade.

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I Am, And Always Will Be…

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