Europe Was Our Playground

July 2016The EU Referendum: how could we have been so damn stupid? It would be a question I will no doubt be asking for a long time to come. One…

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Flaggy McFlagface

Glastonbury 2016Pretty much as soon as I got back home to Liverpool, I started work on my traditional Glastonbury flag. This year I was torn between making a "Flaggy McFlagface"…

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No Man Is An Island

A couple of weeks before the Brexit referendum, I published this blog entry on my personal website under the title "Three Reasons All True Brits Will Vote Remain". My intention was to use the language and tactics of the Brexiteers against them. It didn't work, obvs. I have reproduced it here with marginally less nauseating pictures, which I shamelessly purloined from the great Jim'll Paint It.

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The Importance of Being Jinja

June 2016Arriving back in the UK, I was picked up from Manchester airport by my mum and her mate Anita. The conversation home to Liverpool was dominated by the upcoming…

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The Aegean Traveller

May 2016 - Part 2On Friday 13th of May 2016 I boarded an Aegean Airlines plane from Manchester Airport to Larnaka International via Athens, and thus began an incredible week…

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The Emerald Isle

May 2016 - Part 1 My Mersey Paradise Home sweet home! Finally, after far too much messing around. I surprised my mum and dad (they weren't expecting me back until…

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Persona Non Grata

April 2016 - Part 2Fidel was good enough to agree to look after the place and feed Campo and the chickens while I was away. He's currently doing a building…

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If the World Ends

March 2016The next morning I was back in Bocas. Fidel had been good enough to drop in on Campesino and the chickens in my absence, make sure they had enough…

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Take Me Down To Panama City

February 2016Having a friend stay on Jinja for a prolonged period was a breath of fresh air. It's not that I found living on the island lonely, or that I…

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